Anaheim Hills Boot Camp Trainer Gives The Benefits Of Uphill Sprinting

By Sako | In General | on March 14, 2013

If you’re someone who is looking to get leaner in a hurry and also improve your health and fitness levels, one thing that you should definitely be considering is the benefits of uphill sprinting.

Many people when they think of cardio training think of using the treadmill at the gym, slugging it out on the elliptical, or cycling away in a spinning group fitness class.

And while these are all excellent ways to boost your cardiovascular fitness level, they are definitely not the only method that you can use to see great improvements.

If you choose to think outside the box and take your workout outdoors once in a while, you can possibly see even greater results than you otherwise would.

Let’s have a quick peak at the main benefits of uphill sprinting that you need to know about.

Metabolic Enhancement

The first reason to consider uphill sprinting is because it’ll help to boost your metabolism more than almost any other form of cardiovascular exercise.

Uphill sprinting is so highly intense that you will create great damage to the muscle cells when you perform it – damage that will then have to be repaired.

It’s this repair process that is going to require so much additional energy over and beyond what you normally burn, thus increasing your metabolic rate for hours after the workout is completed.

Sprints on their own burn a high amount of calories after the workout – uphill sprints amplify this.

Lower Body Strength And Power

Second, the next reason to consider adding uphill sprints to your workout program is because they’ll also help to boost your lower body strength and power as well.

Uphill sprints are great for muscular development and will target both the quads and hamstring muscles.

They’re also going to be great for hitting the glutes as well, so if one of your goals is a great looking backside, this is the form of cardio to be doing.

Increased Core Muscle Activation

Finally, the last great reason to consider uphill sprints is because doing them will increase the level of core activation you experience.

Your core muscles will be called into play to a higher degree than on other forms of cardio training to keep you balanced and in control.

This means a flatter stomach is in your future.

So give some consideration to uphill sprints next time you head out for a workout session. It really can be a beneficial way to train.

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