Villa Park Boot Camp Trainer Gives Cardio For Joint Sufferers

By Sako | In General | on March 21, 2013

If you suffer from back or knee pain, chances are you aren’t so quick to rush out and do a load of added cardio training.  Cardio training can be quite painful for those who are suffering, so may be one form of exercise that they constantly avoid.

But, if you choose your cardio methods properly, you can definitely still keep up with your cardio training efforts without having to be in a high amount of pain as you go about doing it.

Let’s have a look at the top cardio forms to consider if you are suffering knee and back pain.


The best of the cardio methods for those who suffer from joint pain tends to be swimming. Swimming is great for working the entire body, so will burn up a high amount of calories, and will also be entirely non-stressful on the body.

It can be just as good from a cardiovascular standpoint as running is, so will quickly get you in great cardiovascular shape.

Additionally, swimming will build muscle strength more than running would, so is superior from that standpoint in terms of exercises that you can be performing.


Moving along, another great form of cardio training is rollerblading.  Rollerblading can go either way. If your knee pain is the result of being in a bent knee position and supporting your weight, you won’t want to be performing this variation of cardio training.

On the flip side, if you’re suffering from joint pain due to impact, then rollerblading is a perfect form of cardio to be doing.

Rollerblading is going to ease the stress off the joints as you go about the activity, reducing the risk of pain development.

Hot Yoga

Finally, the last form of cardio training to consider is hot yoga.  Most people don’t consider yoga a form of cardio training, but if you try hot yoga, you’ll see just how well this one can work your body from a cardio standpoint.

You’ll not only get great cardiovascular gains from doing this workout variation, but you’ll also see some muscular strength gains as well.

Be sure you don’t overlook it.

So there you have a few of the top cardio variations that you should consider doing if joint pain is a problem for you. Use these and you can not only sustain a higher level of fitness, but put pain behind you as well.


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